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Just Passed 10,000 Followers!

Since there are so many of you obsessing about tiny houses and small spaces along with me, I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Poppy (yes, that’s my real name).

Here’s a picture of me in disguise:


I started this blog to help me keep track of ideas for my future tiny house. I love this movement and what it stands for, and I’m excited to see it grow. 

Thanks so much for following, liking, reblogging, and commenting!

Internet ((hug))!!! 

Dumpster House

Tiny House with a Loft

Tiny House with a Loft

Tiny Tree House

A question for those of you who plan to one day build your own tiny house… 

Will you: 

A) Build from purchased plans

B) Build from modified purchased plans

C) Build from your own design 


Check out this modified Tumbleweed Epu 

How I imagine my hoard of things would need to look like in a tiny home: