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Finally caught an episode of this on FYI…It was fantastic! Check it out! 


What is in a Set of Tiny House Plans?

This turned out quite a bit longer than I intended it too, sorry!  I have noticed though that people seem to think that when you buy a set of plans for a tiny house you get ‘a  sheet’ with a floor plan on it, that’s not actually the case.  

Things I Love About My Tiny House This Month


Things I Love About My Tiny House This Month

There is so much I love about my tiny house, my favorite part seems to change every day but there are a few things I have noticed over time that I just love about this project.  At this moment, in no particular order here is my top 10 list:

1. Endless hot showers in my oversized shower!  Man I love my showers, it was a big priority going into this.  I built an oversized shower at 42″x36″.  I have…

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It’s about time! Hopefully this is the first of many!


Hand Built Luxury Tiny House has Fireplace built into stairs and Jacuzzi Bath and Shower for sale.


The Eagle 1: A 350 Sq. Ft. 2-Story Steel Framed Micro Home - an easy stacked container / conex conversion:

It’s a 350 sq. ft. two-story, steel-framed tiny house built on a foundation.

When you walk into the main floor through the french doors you’re greeted by the living room and kitchen.

Keep walking towards the back you’ll find the ‘front door’ along with the bathroom. Behind you are the stairs to go up to the second floor where you can enjoy a spacious bedroom with a 50 sq. ft. upstairs deck/balcony.

The main level is 10′x20′ and the second floor is approximately 10′x15′ with the 10′x’5′ deck/balcony I told you about. Ready to check it out? I thought so! Enjoy below.

The Eagle 1 Two Level Micro Home

I’ll show you the floor plan below but above you can see how it all works. The front door is in the rear right of the building but you can also decide to use the french doors instead. And one of my favorite features is the upstairs balcony from the bedroom. Pretty cool, right? Enjoy the rest of this micro house below:

This home was designed and built by MurchTech Consulting Corp using a patented composite steel wall system. Pricing for this unit starts at $48,500 done for you. More info here and below.


MurchTech Consulting Corp
Eagle Micro Home Site
About the inventor, John Murchie
Call 604-306-7551
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